Often it just means replacing gadgets, appliances and accessories with connected or automated versions of a similar thing — smart light bulbssmart thermostatssmart security systems and more. Below, we'll walk you through all the essentials — the what, the why, the how — and point you in the direction of some other guides that can help once you're done grappling with the basics. Connecting the tech in your home to your Wi-Fi network and each other has a few benefits.

First among these are control and convenience. You can control everything in real time either from an app on your smartphone or tablet, or through a voice-controlled smart speaker.

A lot of smart home companies aim to make your life a little easier, or save you time on a regular basis; they're trying to sell convenience. Second, there's information. The best smart home gadgets can give you easily accessible data on things like security — say, access to a history of smart security camera feeds.

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The third benefit is automation. Lastly, well, we get to robots. This is only really a taster, but the next step up from lights that turn red when your smoke alarm goes off are autonomous gadgets that operate themselves.

This category generally still involves plenty of wishful thinking. The answer to the above question depends on three things: your budget, time and enthusiasm. But if you have much bigger plans in mind, you will probably want to take the plunge with one of the big three smart home ecosystems. Currently, those are:. Apple's platform is called HomeKit, and its assistant is named Siri. Alexa and Google Assistant are both compatible with a huge range of other smart home gadgets and appliances, and are very beginner-friendly too.

Both now offer their assistants on third party speakers from brands like Sonis, Sony, JBL, Lenovo and more, and both offer devices with screens - Amazon has a few versions of the Echo Show, while Google's smart displays are also growing in number, with the Nest Hub Max leading the way.

Apple HomeKit is the obvious choice for Apple loyalists. Apple's weakness is that it's still trailing far behind the other two in terms of the number of devices supported.

The most popular categories in the smart home right now are kitchen appliances, baby monitors, cameras, doorbells, garden, lighting, networking, security systems, speakers and thermostats. So a good move is to dig into one of those, see what looks like a good fit using our buyers guides:. But if you've chosen an ecosystem you can use our guides to find what devices are compatible. While these are the best-known platforms, there are still other ecosystems of devices — Samsung SmartThings is another big one, and a good choice for anyone who wants a bit more flexibility.

Explainers: What is Zigbee? And if one device in your home doesn't quite play nice with another, or you end up with with a mixture of compatible products, look into a smart home hub or an app-based hub like IFTTT or Yonomi.

These are free platforms that are very handy for setting up automation scenes and for plugging the gaps while manufacturers get their act together and make everything work with everything.Pocket-lint - Google Home is more than just an internet-connected speaker with a voice assistant. It also works as a smart home hub.

Google Assistant on Google Home or your Nest Hub can also control smart home devices and so here's a list of great devices that you can use with Google Assistant.

Smart thermostats not only bring intelligence to your home heating, they also make your heating more efficient by learning how you like your home warmed and when.

They base temperature adjustment on when you're going to be home and reduce power waste by accounting for when you're not in. This intelligence makes for a great addition to your smart home setup. You can also control some smart thermostats with Google Home devices - adjusting the temperature of your home with nothing but your voice. With Google Assistant on Google Home, you can use your voice to control the temperature in your home, switch between heating and cooling modes, and more.

It therefore works with a Nest Thermostata product from Google-owned Nest, which actually sells smart devices other than thermostats. And to set the mode and temperature, say "Set the heat to 68" or "Set the air conditioning to 70".

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Google Home works with the Total Connect Comfort line of thermostats. If you want to use Lyric thermostats, like the Honeywell Lyric T6R smart thermostat, you'll need to use a smart hub like SmartThings to connect.

Oh, and all the same commands you can use with the Nest Thermostat also work with Honeywell thermostats. The Netatmo Smart Thermostat is one of the funkiest looking smart thermostats we've seen.

home assistant command line sensor multiple

Not only does this device promise to use 37 per cent less energy in your home, but it also allows you to remotely control it via your phone, computer or your voice with Google Home. This thermostat allows you to customise your heating schedule around your life. Setting the perfect temperature for when you get up in the morning, when you come home from work and more. The smart heating system works with geofencing, so when it detects that everybody has left the house it will automatically switch off.

It will then spring into action when it notices someone coming home and is within a defined radius. Google Home owners can control the heating using their voice, including being able to control independent rooms thanks to Tado's smart radiator thermostats.

Controlling your home heating isn't the only thing you can do with your voice. Some of the best smart home cameras we've seen also include the ability to control them in various ways using Google Home.

The Netatmo Presence is a brilliant outdoor security camera that not only keeps an eye on your home, but also doubles as a floodlight system to light your way and deter unwelcome visitors. This camera is intelligent too. It can tell the difference between people, animals and vehicles and alert you to such on your phone.Get smart temperature control in the rooms you care about most.

Choose comfort for the room you want, when you want, or allow comfort to go where you go as you move about your home. Then, help save energy when you leave. The minute your family starts waking up, your T9 Smart Thermostat starts working to get the right temperature in the rooms you want to help you prepare for the day. Geofencing can let the T9 know when you leave, so it changes modes to save energy. As you go about your day, you'll be able to check in on your home at any time, and even get alerts if the temperature goes above or below your threshold.

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With the Honeywell Home app and geofencing, the T9 will know when you're coming and going. No matter your schedule, you can always come home to comfort and save energy when you're away. With Smart Room Sensors, the T9 can know which rooms are in use so it can automatically focus on them.

Intelligent motion detection algorithms help it tell the difference between someone passing through or spending time in a room, so your ideal comfort can efficiently follow you and your family from room to room over the course of your day. Smart Response and Alerts will intelligently learn your home's heating and cooling cycle time to deliver the optimal temperature at the right time, reminding you to change your filters when you need to.

Smart Room Sensors have a stronger signal that can reach up to ft. This also means the quality of the signal and data presented to the T9 is increased, allowing greater learning and control. Thick walls and flooring can't stand between you and home comfort. As everyone settles in for the night, the T9 shifts focus to the rooms which you selected as important to look after.

With comfort focused on the bedroom, a place where you and your family spend a third of their lives, you can be sure your home is working hard to make the temperature 'just right'. Great Thermostat. Awesome Unit, very easy to install and set up. Being able to have the ability to use occupancy sensors in each room is awesome! Easy to set up with remote senspr. Easy to set up, we will se how well it works balancing the temps with the remote sensor. It is dissapointing that to control this with the app that you need a dedicated 2.

I will have to set this up on my router and switch from the normal 5GHz network used by everthing else when I want to connect. Best thermostat I've ever had love how accurate it is and the ability to remote monitor. The thermostat is easy to use. My wife has taken over the programming of it. Like the fact that when the heat is on the face of the thermostat glowa orange.

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After sensing motion, the communication should take less than 3 seconds to assign the room priority, depending on battery and signal strength. Availability: In Stock. Color Graphical LCD touchscreen display 7-day scheduling Auto change from heat to cool Indoor humidity sensing ft. Welcome to 'Just Right' Get smart temperature control in the rooms you care about most. Helps Everyone Sleep Comfortably As everyone settles in for the night, the T9 shifts focus to the rooms which you selected as important to look after.

Product Dimensions: 3. Supports Wi-Fi Write A Customer Review 4.

home assistant command line sensor multiple

Q: What does the new T9 Smart Thermostat consist of? You can purchase the thermostat and sensors separately or bundled. Together, they effortlessly deliver comfort when and where it's needed. The T-Series smart thermostats connect to the smart room sensors via a proprietary MHz wireless radio that can connect to the thermostat up to a ft.Google Nestpreviously named Google Homeis a line of smart speakers developed by Google under the Google Nest brand.

The devices enable users to speak voice commands to interact with services through Google Assistantthe company's virtual assistant. Both in-house and third-party services are integrated, allowing users to listen to music, control playback of videos or photos, or receive news updates entirely by voice. Google Nest devices also have integrated support for home automationletting users control smart home appliances with their voice command.

The first device, Google Home, was released in the United States in November ; subsequent product releases occurred globally from — Through software updates to Google Nest devices and Google Assistant, additional functionality has been added over time.

For example, multiple speakers can be set up for synchronized playback of music. An update in April brought multi-user support, allowing the device to distinguish between up to six people by voice. In MayGoogle announced multiple updates, including: hands-free phone calling at no cost in Canada and the United States; proactive reminders ahead of scheduled events; visual responses on mobile devices or Chromecast -enabled televisions; Bluetooth audio streaming; and the ability to add reminders and calendar appointments.

The original Google Home speaker released in November featured a cylindrical shape with colored status LEDs on top. In Octoberthe company released the Google Home Hub, a smart speaker with a 7-inch touchscreen. In Marchreports were published about Google developing a wireless speaker to compete against the Amazon Echo.

Best Google Home accessories 2020: Top Google Home compatible devices to buy today

On October 4,Google announced Google Home Mini, a smaller, less expensive variant that was released on October 19,[21] as well as Google Home Max, a larger, more expensive variant that was released on December 11, This is a critical part of the process of building speech technology and is necessary to creating products like the Google Assistant.

The original Google Home model is a cylindrical speaker that is 5. The base of the device is covered by a shell acting as a speaker grillewhich is designed to be removed and replaced with one that suits the decor of a room.

Google unveiled Google Home Mini during a hardware-focused event on October 4,which was released on October 19, It has a mute switch rather than a mute button, and uses a micro USB connection for power. It is available in the colors "aqua", "chalk", "charcoal", and "coral".

Prior to its release, a "phantom input" bug was discovered, where its touch-sensitive surface—which could be tapped to activate Assistant without using a hotword command—inadvertently activated on its own, resulting in unwanted voice recording.

Due to privacy concerns, Google removed the feature entirely from all units via a software update. It is available in the colors "chalk" and "charcoal", and includes a magnetically-attached stand for vertical orientation, [40] and "Smart Sound", an adaptive audio system that uses machine learning to automatically adjust sound output based on factors such as the environment including placement and sources of noise and time of day.

On October 9,Google unveiled Google Home Hubwhich features a 7-inch x touchscreen display that can be used to provide visual feedback for queries. Unlike its closest competitor, the Amazon Echo Showthe Home Hub does not include a camera for video calls, citing customer privacy concerns.

Although Google has developed an OEM solution for Assistant-powered smart display devices based on Android Things and a Qualcomm system-on-chip, the Home Hub utilizes a different hardware platform. The device is available in light grey, dark grey, pink, and aqua blue.

A reported security issue in the Home Hub was dismissed by Google as a non-issue, as an attack would require access to the same Wi-Fi network as the device. It features a inch x display, integrated camera which can be used for face recognition, Google Duo video calls, and as a security cameraand larger speakers with a rear-facing subwoofer. It was released on October It includes a larger speaker, an additional microphone, a machine learning chip that can cache voice recognition data for commonly-used commands locally, and "ultrasonic sensing".

It is nearly-identical in design to the first-generation Home Mini, except its cover is now made from recycled plastic. The back of the Nest Mini contains a hole for wall-mounting with a screw, and it contains LED lights that highlight the touch areas for volume control. It is available in the colors "chalk", "charcoal", "coral", and "sky blue". Google Assistantan intelligent personal assistantis included as the main and only assistant in Google Home.

Various forms of both in-house and third-party services are integrated into Google Home, allowing users to speak voice commands to control interaction with them. Users can connect and group together multiple Home speakers for synchronized playback of music in every room.

Google Home can now recognize up to six different voices, pulling information from their different accounts depending on who's talking. Google Home includes home automation features, enabling owners to use it as a central hub to control smart devices.Transform your house or apartment into an easy-to-use smart home with the award-winning Brilliant Smart Home Control and all-in-one mobile app.

No more hubs, ugly wires, countertop clutter, or switching multiple apps. Connects to compatible smart home products over Wi-Fi so you can control your music, climate, locks, and more. See all partners. Turns any lights into smart lights. Video intercom with privacy shutter for video or audio calls between rooms when you install two or more in your home. Scenes are an easy way to combine lighting, music, temperature, and other settings to quickly control your smart home with a single tap.

Send photos from your phone to Brilliant and share memories with your entire home.

Get started with the smart home - a beginner's guide

The display is your canvas so have some fun! Not at home? Forgot to turn off a light? No problem. Brilliant has Android and iOS apps for remote home control. Once set up, you can say, "Hey Google, turn on the kitchen light" and your Google Assistant-enabled device will respond.

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Motion and ambient light sensors detect when someone has entered the room, automatically turning on the display and any programmed scene.

Brilliant replaces any standard light switch and comes in four models to fit any standard electrical box single to 4-switch wall box. No custom wiring, modifications or hubs required. Brilliant also turns standard lights into smart lights that you can control with a simple voice command, tap or motion. You must have Wi-Fi connectivity for initial setup and connecting to other smart home devices - Brilliant Controls will control lights without Wi-Fi.

You home must be wired to code with load, line, ground, and neutral wires correctly wired this is what is in the wall behind a typical light switch.Your question may be answered by sellers, manufacturers, or customers who purchased this item, who are all part of the Amazon community. Please make sure that you are posting in the form of a question. Please enter a question. Easily customize your light settings from anywhere and get instant alerts when motion is detected.

Automate your Arlo Security Light to work intelligently by itself or with your Arlo security camera systems. Free of power cords and wiring hassles. Place it anywhere. Easily mount security light on walls, eaves, gazebos, and more. Arlo Security Light automatically sends instant alerts to your smartphone or email when it detects motion.

You can even control and automate your light from anywhere using the free Arlo app. You can set the light to flash red when it detects motion. This will draw attention from neighbors if anyone is sneaking around your home. Add more Arlo Security Lights to illuminate even more areas and easily synchronize light patterns.

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Make the most out of your existing Arlo security cameras by creating an ecosystem of Arlo devices with automated interactions. Set your Arlo cameras to record when the light detects motion.

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If you already have an existing Arlo Security Camera system, you won't have to upgrade your current service plan. Add as many lights as you need to enhance your home security.

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Easily create rules for an enhanced experience. For example: if your light detects motion, your camera will start to record video with the subject fully illuminated. The Arlo Security Light does not count toward your Arlo account camera limit. For example, if you have 5 cameras and you are subscribed to the free basic plan, you will not be required to upgrade your subscription plan to add and use an Arlo Security Light.

Automate your smart light to work intelligently by itself or with your Arlo security camera systems to cover even more angles. Use the Arlo app to remotely adjust the brightness, beam width, colors, and flashing patterns. Schedule your light for when you are at home, work, or on vacation. Power it with the included long-lasting rechargeable battery or keep it plugged in with either Arlo Solar Panel or Arlo Outdoor Adapter sold separately.

Arlo Security Light works with Amazon Alexa to let you turn your light on and off using a simple voice command. Skip to main content.

Using YAML Node Anchors in Home Assistant - Simple Examples

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Your transaction is secure. We work hard to protect your security and privacy.Home Assistant is an open source home automation that puts local control and privacy first.

Powered by a worldwide community of tinkerers and DIY enthusiasts. Perfect to run on a Raspberry Pi or a local server. If you want to get an impression on the look and feel, you should check out the Home Assistant online demo. Awesome Home Assistant is a curated list of awesome Home Assistant resources.

The list is divided into categories. The links in those categories do not have pre-established order; the order is for contribution. If you want to contribute, please read the guide.

Awesome Home Assistant is a fantastic list for people trying to automate every aspect of their home. Automating your home is a long, hard, and never finished task that usually involves a lot of tinkering. Many people have different opinions and their personal favorites.

Each method has its advantages and disadvantages. There are various ways to get in touch with the Home Assistant community. Some people store their full Home Assistant configuration on GitHub. They are an awesome source for learning and a great source of inspiration.

Add-ons are additional applications and services, that can be run alongside Home Assistant. The Home Assistant OS and Supervised installations types, provide the Supervisor, which is capable of running and manage these add-ons.

The Home Assistant frontend is already pretty, but you can customize it to fit your needs or taste better. Lovelace allows people to build custom cards on top of it, which you can easily add to your instance.

Do It Yourself; rather than buying home automation hardware or solutions, you could also build them yourself! Links to various users of Home Assistant that regularly publish Home Assistant focussed content. Home Assistant isn't the only home automation framework out there, here are some alternatives. This awesome list is an active open-source project and is always open to people who want to contribute to it.

We have set up a separate document containing our Contribution Guidelines. The original setup of this awesome list is by Franck Nijhof. For a full list of all authors and contributors, check the contributor's page. This Awesome list is not created, developed, affiliated, supported, maintained or endorsed by Home Assistant.

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